Forbes Mention: Kinda A Big Deal…

When you think about Social Media influencers, you think Chris Brogan, Scott Monty, or Mari Smith-not Eric T. Tung, but a Forbes post by Haydn Shaughnessy yesterday found that I have the most influential network amongst these great social media thinkers:

That list looks different if you include the wider social network of their followers. For example Ann Handley’s followers have a substantially larger average social network size than Chris Brogan’s followers.

The people that would stay in a top ten if measured by the networks of their followers would be Jason Falls, Ann Handley, Pam Moore, and Scott Monty.

Eric T. Tung and Jure Klepic would top the list.

While I didn’t make the list of most influential in social media, I did have the largest number of followers’ followers, averaging over 22k followers for each of my 9500 followers – meaning that my follower-network includes more influential people, if you assume that more influential people have more followers.

The Numbers

The Social Pull metric shows how likely a tweet is to be shared. A 10 means that a tweet is 10x as likely to be retweeted. My pull was 414x as measured by PeekAnalytics (HT to Josh Mackey at Peek for the report).

I initially thought that the average follower network size of 22k was due to Ellen DeGeneres, The President, and a few other superstars following me, but it appears that I also have a lot of 5k-25k and 25k-100k network followers.
It also seems that my network is also highly engaged on social media – utilizing all networks (foursquare, linkedin, facebook, youtube) more than the average, and also having online networks much more than the average.

What does this mean?

All in all, I don’t think it means much. Just as Klout is regarded by some as an inaccurate measurement of online influence, all statistics can be skewed to prove one point or another. I use my network to help distribute content about Social Media that I find helpful, and it is nearly always produced by the people actually listed in the top 10. The Chris Brogans and Mari Smiths of the world are the great thinkers and writers, and I hope that one day, I might actually be ranked among them.

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