How My Company Gained 40,000 Followers … Without Being Sleazeballs

Any social media network of value grows organically, not artificially. But just because you can’t force or buy growth doesn’t mean you can’t nurture it.

As the social media specialist at my last organization, we grew fans and followers from 400 to 40,000 in less than a year. You’ll see solid growth in your own fan and follower counts if you implement my 14 ideas for providing quality engagement and finding and engaging influencers.

Your Organization

 1. Get executive buy-in: I don’t mean they told you yes once in the hallway. Real buy-in means things like blogging twice a month for the company blog, tweeting consistently, or grabbing a camera and posting a video to YouTube.

 2. Set up a Social Media Advisory Council: These folks will help to work as a hub-and-spoke system from wherever social media lies (marketing, public relations, or other), into other departments within the organization. The council works on ways incorporate social media into throughout the organization.


3. Get Local/Get out: We had our best engagement when we had feet on the ground. Give out free coffee at the local shop and post photos. You’ll get a lot more engagement than just posting a few links to your blog.

4. Get Ads: Facebook ads may be one of the most effective ways to get targeted fans. Facebook ads allow targeting by geography, employer, likes, school, education, or even birthday. (Extra tip: target friends-of-fans for the added benefit of having fans’ names posted on your ad to their friends.)

5. Get them to Stay: Once your fans click on your ad, give them a reason to stick around. Some ideas: contests and giveaways, games, and thought-provoking content.

6. Blog. Blog, Blog: Not only are blogs great for website SEO, but they’re great for providing interesting content to your fans. Don’t make the mistake of making your blog a never-ending string of ads for your company. 50 to 90 percent of your content should be non-commercial, or at least non-salesy.

7. Engage: Post about contests, sales, coupons — ideally 3 to 5 times per week. Somewhere around 90% of your fans will not interact through the page, but rather through their feed. Provide content that maintains its effectiveness on its own, especially images, videos, polls, or questions.

8. Apps: Make your Facebook page your social media hub by using Facebook apps in to import your Twitter feed, YouTube Videos, Flickr Images, SlideShare presentations, Scribd documents, and many other networks right onto your Facebook page.


9. Blog. Blog. Blog: Yes, blogs are great for Twitter too. Promote a blog post a few times over the course of a couple weeks to draw additional followers to your post. About 80% of your Twitter posts should contain links, and at most about 20% of that should be content you created.

10. Find Influencers: The Radian6 Influencer Widget is really the best tool I’ve found for finding the top influencers based on your keywords. Tools like Crowdbooster,, and FollowFriday Helper can help provide insight into who mentions or retweets you most often.

11. Engage: Thank followers for engaging, following, mentioning, or retweeting, and create a list of influencers to monitor their feeds as well.

12. Track: How do you know what content is making inroads with your influencers and networks? Track links and content! Radian6 and  Bitly, Visibli, and Crowdbooster can track the impact of content and links that you’ve shared. Include share icons within your blog posts to also track organic blog post impact and viralbility.

13. Time Posts: Use your tracking info to find out what days and times are best for retweets and clicks, and use that to your advantage. Radian6 widgets help you determine when you have the most brand mentions, and can help pinpoint when content is most likely to be retweeted.

14. Hash: Although #you #can #over-hashtag, effective hashtag use helps to contribute to the conversation, especially if your organization is participating in a trade show, conference, or other industry type event.

Best of luck identifying influeners, engaging networks, and building your fans and followers!

What other tips do you have for building networks? Include yours below! 

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  1. Let’s start right at the beginning; profile creation. ) When you tweet out relevant, cutting-edge tips and advice you become a useful source, and if you stay with it you become ‘the expert.
    Social Media Guru’s who claim you can are full of beans.

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