I Need Your Help: Who Are The Top Social Media Influencers in Houston?

Houston is the fourth is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the US (after NYC, LA, and Chicago) and is home to the fourth largest collection of Fortune-500 companies at 24 (NYC-84, San Fran-31, Chicago-29).

We’re listed in the top 20 US markets for social media jobs.

Yet, Haydn Shaughnessy’s list of the top 50 social media influencers fails to list a single person from Houston.

We know there’s a vibrant social media community right here in Houston.

We need to right this wrong.

I’m compiling a list of the top social media influencers in Houston and I need your help.

Please submit your top social media influencers below in the comments (and include Twitter handles please!), and we can make sure that Houston is well represented in the social media world!

PS – I’m looking for current practitioners, strategists, thought leaders, bloggers, and people that are big about social media, not just big on social media (i.e. @JoelOsteen is big on social, but not big about social.)


  1. Sonya H. of Yelp / Instagram / Twitter closely reports on Houston’s local foodie world and young profeesionals social scene. She also tweets about the topics of Korean Culture, Women’s Health, Internet Sub-culture, and Women Coders. Her Twitter handle is thesonyah, and from there you can find her other accounts.

    1. No – that may be a good idea. But… I have most of the list put together already based on PeekAnalytics (and I’m maxed out on number of submissions I can make).

      Perhaps the 2014 version of this list will be a little more comprehensive.

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