Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers in Houston 2013 51-100

We’re ranking the top 100 Social Media Power Influencers in Houston. See 1-50 and the methodology here.

51-10 are below the fold…Influencers.jpg

51. Joëlle Eid is the Interactive Community Manager at Signet Interactive, a contributing writer for Localeur and founder of @HouTweetDrive, a socially-powered toy drive. @JoelleTweeted – 30

52. Jessica Brand is the Social Media Coordinator at the University of Houston. @Jess_Brand – 29

53. Fayza Elmostehi is the Director of Social Media for the Houston Museum of Natural Science. @Fayza – 29

54. Shelly Roth is a Social Media trainer for Springboard Social Media. @SpringBoardW – 29

55. Jackie Blanchard is the Social Media Director for Fred Haas Toyota Country. @JackieBlanchard – 28

56. Melissa Conkling is the Social Media Manager at Helix Power Generators. @MConkling – 28

57. Laura Milligan is the Managing Editor at Consumer Media Network. @LauraMilli – 23

58. Maria E. Amezaga is the Global Social Media Strategist for Shell. @MariaAMezaga – 23

59. Becca Taylor is the Marketing Communications Manger at Tracx, having recently left a Social Media Manager position at HP. @BeccaTaylor – 22

60. Jen Pearsall is a Social Media Strategist at Reliant Energy. @JenPearsall – 21

61. Shawn Martini is the Director of Communications at HBW Resources, an energy lobbying firm. @AgriPundit – 20

62. Maria Soto is the Social Media Expert at Blue Willow Books. @CariBlogs – 20

63. Serbino Sandifer-Walker is a Multimedia Journalism Professor at Texas Southern University. @SSWalker – 19

64. Kayla Hensley is the Social Media Coordinator at PROS, and Owner of DandeSocial Media. @DandeSocial – 18

65. Bobby Heugel is an Owner and Operator of multiple Houston restaurants as well as the President of OKRA, an Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs. @Bobby_Heugel – 17

66. Caitlin Kaluza is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Schupul. @QCait – 17

67. Angie Haugen is the Inbound Marketing and Social Media Manager at O.C. Tanner. @AngieHaugen – 16

68. Melissa Ragsdale Darragh is a Digital Storyteller for Memorial City Mall and Freelance Social Media Strategist. @MelissaDarragh – 16

69. Alex Brown is the Senior Social Media and Employment Branding Manager at Waste Management. @The_AlexBrown – 16

70. Britney Munguia is a Social Media Manager at Landrys and Creative Cat Lover. @BritneyIRL – 15

71. Jamie Glover-Dabbs is the Social Media Director at The Tasting Room and aspiring billionaire@J_Glover – 15

72. John Canales Gorczynski is President of the Young Democrats of Texas. @JCGorczynski – 15

73. Courtenay Siegfried is a Vice President at 20K, a strategic communications agency. @20KCourtenay – 14

74. Robin Davidson is a Creative Marketing Writer at Weatherford, an oilfield services company. @RobinDavidson – 14

75. Chris Valdez is the Strategy and Creative Director at Primer Grey, a marketing and creative agency. @TheWhether – 13

75. Elaine Mesker-Garcia is the Social Media Manager at Luby’s Fuddruckers, and boy would I love her job. @CyberToad – 13

77. Suzy Hartgrove is the Public Affairs Manager at The City of Houston. @KitDog – 13

78. Talin Tcholakian is the graphic designer at Rice University and the Associate Director of PR for AIGA Houston. @Talin_VT – 13

79. Michael Metzler is the Business Development Director at Softway Solutions, a web and multimedia agency. @Mtzler – 12

80. Omar D’Elia is a Web and Graphic Designer at EAM Solutions Online, a web design and development agency.  @EAMSolutions – 11

81. Mollie Dobersek is the Social Media Specialist and an Account Manager at DataVox. @MollieWanie – 11

82. Katharine Shilcutt is the new Features Editor at Houstonia Magazine, having recently left three-year post as the restaurant critic at Houston Press. @KShilcutt – 10

83. Christina Gorczynski is the Founder and CEO at First Person, a business consulting firm for nonprofits and socially responsible companies.   @XtinaGorczynski – 10

84. Alex Luster is a TV Producer/Editor and Documentary Filmmaker. @AlexLuster – 9

85. Alison Sutton is the Director of Social Media Marketing at The Houston Chronicle. @AlisonVSutton – 8

86. Christy Lee is the Marketing Communications and PR Consultant at Storyteller Communications. @ChristyWLee – 8

87. Lauren Covington is the Marketing Coordinator at Houston Downtown Management District. @EXPLauren – 8

88. Tina Cannon Dixon is the CEO of JadedKisses, a design and style company. @JadedKisses11 – 8

89. Matthew Carberry is the Web Presence Strategist at On-Target! Marketing and a Freelance Social Media Consultant. @MatthewCarberry – 8

90. Abi Cowell is the Principal and Social Media Strategist for Promote Community, a social media marketing agency for small and micro businesses. She is also a Social Media Strategist at Click and Create and a Board Member for Texas Executive Women. @AbiCowell – 7

91. Lilia Lam is the Vice President and Social Media Coordinator at Ad 2 Houston. @Lil_Lam – 7

92. Ken Kolter is the Quality Control Specialist at Sterling Operating Systems and a Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant. @Steelshopkk 7

93. Julianne Agno is the Social Media Coordinator at Francesca’s Collections. @JulianneAgno – 6

94. Justin Concepcion is the Social Media Coordinator for the Mayor’s Office of Communications for the City of Houston. @JVConcep – 6

95. Lindsey Stevic is the Social Media Specialist at SXSWPartyGirls and recent Marketing Director at Kennedy Hodges. @LSteeeevic – 6

96. Paige Tomas is the Digital and Social Media Specialist at Harris Health System. @Paiger723 – 6

97. Rhonda Lindholm is the Founder and Social Media Manager at Rhonda Lindholm Social Media, and former Director of Marketing and Social Media at Stryve Advisors. @RhondaLindholm – 6

98. Sajeev Mehta is the Associate Manager of Social Media for Group 1 Automotive. @SajeevMehta – 6

99. Alexander Supgul is the Web Producer at Fox Broadcasting, KRIV-TV. @TripleG25 – 6

100. Mark Stouse is the VP of Global Connect at BMC Software, where directs Social Media and PR for the company. @MarkStouse – 5

101. Natassha Ahuja is the Director of Placements at IT Consulting Firm. @CreativeTasha – 5

102. Taylor Junemann Grobelny is the Digital Conversation and Social Media Strategy Specialist at Black Sheep Agency. @MagicChill – 5

103. Alexzandria Cormier-Hill is the Social Media Coordinator at MainStreet America. @Social_Alexz – 5

(And, yes, we ran over a little. We had multiple folks tied for 100th place at 5x Social Pull)

Also, honorable mention should go to Erica OGrady, a writer and blogger, and Chief Experience Officer for her agency, Peanut Butter Media. Formerly a Houstonian, Erica has recently moved to Boulder. @EricaOGrady – 157

If you’d like to follow these great folks, check out the Houston Top 100 Twitter List.

To meet some of these guys in person see the Houston Social Media Breakfast. They meet the second Friday each month, and you’re in luck: the next breakfast is tomorrow, June 14th on the topic of influencer marketing. Invitation here.

Do you have any corrections? Did I miss anyone? Please let me know in the comments below.


    1. I was wondering the same thing?

      Either way, thanks for pulling this list together! I love that if Houston is left off one list, well, we’ll just make our own. 🙂

    1. Hey Christine – sorry for the oversight. You probably should have made the list.

      I did make every effort to find everyone I could. I’ll make sure you’re included on the next one!

  1. Eric, please include me in the next version too. My Social Pull was 64x. Thanks…

    1. Will do – but note that we were only ranking individuals, not agencies or companies. Please include your twitter handle, and I apologize for the omission.

  2. Eric thanks for the time that went into researching and creating this post. Juan Alanis and Sandra Fernandez created a group called Texas Social Media Network for the same reason. They were not seeing enough companies reach out to the fabulous talent in Texas.

    Together, being inclusive, we can create an ecosystem that supports our Houston entrepreneurs and companies better.

  3. Thanks so much for compiling the list Eric – Houston has such a powerful & vibrant social media presence – I am thrilled to be part of it.

  4. Does your “Houston” parameter stretch to College Station? Or strictly the greater HOuston metroplex? – @jbmurrah87 (7x)

    1. I only searched for “Houston” for Twitter bios. If you were a Social Media expert and had Katy, or Sugar Land, or Bellaire or Kingwood listed, I might not have found you either. So, no, I didn’t actively search for those – not only outside the Houston metro – but even those who didn’t list Houston specifically.

  5. What do you look for in social media influencers? I’d like to nominate myself
    Taylor Brione Ballard, Fashion/ Entertainment Blogger and Event Planner @taylorbrione on Twitter

    1. Hi Taylor-

      I was mainly focusing on Social Media professionals, specialists, managers, strategists, etc. The folks at the companies actually writing the tweets, responding to Facebook posts, etc.

      I know it can be a fuzzy line. What about a blogger, or copywriter, or ad agency account manager? I think I’ll try to outline a more definitive guideline for the next list.

      Thanks for the question!

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