7 Things We Can Learn From 7 Social Media Influencers’ Tweets

You should dress for the job that you want, not the one you have. That adage probably applies to Twitter too – you should tweet like an influencer if you want to become one. So what do the top social media influencers tweet that we can learn? I’ve broken down the top words each of the top social media influencers use most frequently and have extrapolated some lessons.

Here are five things we can learn from top influencers:
(data from tweetstats.com, clouds from wordle.net)

1. Chris Brogan Retweets

Chris Brogan Tweet Cloud

Chris Brogan retweeted using “RT” over 600 times according to Tweetstats.com. If retweeting helps to show appreciation and share good information, a retweet from a major influencer is just a thousand times more potent. He also thanks his retweeters and mentioners regularly as well.

This gives us insight in two ways: first, Chris is showing us that yes, even as an influencer, you have to share good information from others. It shows appreciation to the content originator, but also helps your community learn, and it shows that his community expects conistently thought-provoking, interesting information from him.

2. Mari Smith Talks About Her Niche

Mari Smith Tweet Cloud

Mari Smith is the Queen of Facebook, and so it makes complete sense that she’s tweeted “Facebook” over 500 times as her most often used word. Also, I love that her fifth most used word is hehee – her own unique brand of LOL. She’s used that over 200 times.

Mari teaches us that perhaps if you can’t be an influencer in the noisy world of social media (not saying that Mari isn’t, because she definitely is), then perhaps carving out a niche piece of social media might present other opportunities. Also, speak to your strengths. Mari has written many books on Facebook and Facebook marketing, so she naturally develops her community around that.

3. Dave Kerpen is a Likeable Guy

Dave Kerpen Tweet Cloud

If you don’t know, Dave Kerpen’s social agency is Likable Media. Dave is probably among the top when it comes to helping people, but additionally, he makes sure to integrate his company name into various iterations for Twitter. “@Likeablemedia” “Likeable,” “#Likeablechat,” “#Likeable” “#LikeableBusiness” are among the more often used words in Dave’s cloud.

This teaches us that it’s important to brand yourself. Once you’ve created a brand, why not use it when referring people to books, blog posts, tweetchats and other areas where your brand could be valuable. It helps to perpetuate the brand as well as more closely tie you as an individual to the larger brand. I also love Dave’s use of the #YouRule hashtag – very unique, and helps show his appreciation for his followers.

4. Jay Baer Appreciates YouJay Baer Tweet Cloud

All of our influencers are highly appreciative, with “thanks,” “thank” and other variations ranking in the top five words used for every influencer, but Jay Baer tops the charts at 743 uses of the word, more than twice as much as his second word, “social.”

Why do influencers thank so much? It’s part of engaging with their communities, thanking people for following them, mentioning them and retweeting their stuff. This teaches us that even as we gain a following of our own, never forget to thank the people that helped you get there. Not only are they there to bounce ideas off of, but they’re the real reason you’re an influencer in the first place.

5. Ann Hanley Has Built An Amazing Team

Ann Hanley Tweet Cloud

Ann actually has some of the most retweets of anyone on this list this also links to the fact that she mentions her own handle quite often. This is due to retweeting many of the posts that mention her and her team, showing appreciation to the person who mentioned her.

But rather than focusing the spotlight on herself, the @marketingprofs handle typically refers to her organization as a whole, and in many instances, she’s retweeting others who have mentioned a blog post or webinar conducted by the organization. We can learn to build a strong team, and to unify the brand with the whole team. She also uses her own branding with hashtags like #MPB2B and #MPtour.

6. Gary Vaynerchuk Wants To Connect On A Different Level

Gary Vaynerchuk Tweet Cloud

More than anyone else on the list, Gary wants to connect deeper. He regularly asks people to email him directly, (masked of course with “dot com” spelled out to avoid spam), and has done this over 800 times. He’s a unique breed who is an expert at social, but also knows the importance of typing out an email or picking up the phone. Just yesterday on the Jab Jab Jab Right Hook (his new book) Spreecast, Gary picks up the phone several times and thanks some of his book buyers live. He also suggested to a freelance writer to call up and ask for more work, and within a few hours, she had a $1000 contact.

Gary reminds us to remember that relationships matter over all the social media noise, and that often, it’s the real person-to-person contact that makes the most impact above your KPIs.

7. Mark Schaefer Shares Live Events

Mark Schaefer Tweet Cloud

Mark talks about most of the same stuff that any of the other influencers do, but reviewing his word cloud, the #soslam hashtag stands out. Social Slam is an event that Mark took part in and he shared his thoughts with his followers throughout the event.

Free SEO Q&A session with @jfloyd and Social Slam panelists today at 4 EST. Open to all: http://t.co/KtpqwKMW4M#soslam

Sharing his thoughts helps to spread the discussion and ideas from the event to his followers, providing value to his followers. It also helps to publicize it for people that may be attending and interested in meeting him, or those that aren’t attending but may be interested in attending future events.

Also note that “thanks” is one of Mark’s most used words as well. He just wrote up a blog post about why he’s no longer thanking people on the social web.

What have you learned by following influencers? How do you feel about Mark’s decision to stop wholesale thanking people on his channels? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I could see this becoming a future framing of social use personas. For example, “Ah, you share like Brogan” or “you’re a Vaynerchuker”. (grin).

    Creative and informative. Nice work Eric.

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