Five Tips to Improve Your Blog Post


People have less and less time at work these days, yet more and more bloggers and content producers are fighting for their attention. Here’s five simple tips for how to improve your blog posts.

1. Improve your headline.

The headline is by far the most important piece of your blog post. While 80 percent will read your blog headline, only 20 percent will go on to read the blog post. Keep it short and simple, state the benefit and don’t deceive. Write the headline first, and use it as a way to keep your post honest. Are you living up to the promise you made in the headline? How-to’s and lists are popular, such as “How to Embrace the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Wave with BSM” or “Top 10 reasons to attend WWRUG13!” See, I know you want to click those links now. Be sure to come back and finish reading this blog post once you’re done.

2. Improve your layout.

People are afraid of commitment, and not just your boyfriend from college. Readers want to know if your lengthy blog post is worth reading. If your post is over a few paragraphs, be sure add section headers to divvy up your post into more manageable chunks and give readers a preview of what they’re getting into.

3. Improve your image.

I don’t mean you need to improve your reputation. Did you add a photo, graph or image? Rule of thumb is one visual per One per 250 words. Photos automatically post on Facebook and other networks and increase clicks and engagement up to 200% more.

4. Improve your keywords.

Keywords drive search engines. The Googles, Bings and Yahoos of the world gauge the relevance of your webpage based in part by which words appear on page. If your blog post is about cloud computing, use cloud-related terms throughout the post. Use them in the title, sub-headers and in bold – search engines give these formats higher weight than plain text. Use keywords to link to other pages at or other blog posts. Concentrate on 3-5 terms, but not at the expense of natural language

5. Improve your call to action.

What do you want people to do once they’re done reading your post? Buy something? That would be great, but how about signing up to get an e-book or white paper? Use a clear call to action to have your blog readers continue down the path towards becoming a prospect, but also offer something that they’ll find valuable.

What are your best tips for improving blog posts, let us know in the comments below!

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