Salesforce Lays Off 200, Many Radian6’ers, Again.

Me, one hour before finding out.

Me, one hour before finding out.

There are 8,760 hours in a year, which makes it extra awkward that during the two hours I spent at Salesforce Headquarters in San Francisco, I found out that it happened, again.

Last time, it was 100 let go, focused on the Radian6 side, this time, it was 200 and again focused on Radian6. About one-third of the layoffs were located in New Brunswick, where the base operations of Radian6 are, not to mention that there are many Radian6’ers outside of New Brunswich. The announcement was made alongside a Salesforce earnings call and seemed not to be covered by as many major media outlets as the first Salesforce Marketing Cloud Radian6 layoffs a year ago.

The History.

March 30, 2011: Salesforce signed a definitive agreement to acquire Radian6 for $276 million in cash and $50 million in stock, with the deal expected to close later that year. Radian6 has about 300 employees.

June 4, 2012: Salesforce agrees to acquire Buddy Media, a social ad platform, for $689 million in cash and equity, its largest acquisition yet.

October 24, 2012: Salesforce announced layoffs of 100 with the official explanation being overlaps between Radian6 and Buddy. Some speculated it was actually due to Buddy burning through cash. Other sources say it could have impacted one-third of Radian6 employees, but later reports indicated that Buddy Media employees had also been laid off. Let’s say Radian6 has 225 employees remaining at this point.

June 4, 2013: Salesforce announced the acquisition of email marketing platform, ExactTarget for $2.5 billion, again a record-setting agreement, and taking out a $300 million loan to cover acquisition costs.

August 29, 2013: Acting a little more quickly this time, Salesforce announces layoffs of 200, with 1/3 confirmed from New Brunswick, the main offices of Radian6. Assuming all were Radian6 employees, the employee count could be as low as 150, down from 300 during the acquisition two years prior. Consider non-New Brunswick Radian6 employees that may have been affected, and the number may be even lower. “Salesforce just lost a lot of passion and a lot of heart” said one former employee. statement:

Combining ExactTarget with our existing Marketing Cloud provides synergy, and we will be reducing our total headcount by approximately 200 people globally to reflect this opportunity. We care deeply about our employees and we’re providing resources to position them for success in the next step of their careers — whether that’s a new position within or a new opportunity elsewhere. via CBC

Employment Opportunities Poured Out:

Former Radian6 Family Offers Support:

Even those laid off stayed classy:



Know of any possible opportunities? Leave them in the comments.

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  1. Great bit Eric, it was baffling to watch the evolution of this, when Buddymedia was acquired I saw some amazingly talented folks take a back seat to the newcomers. Radian6 had some social media Rock Stars! It was exciting, and yes we could hardly keep up with the inquiries. I can only speculate, but it appears us r6er’s have fallen prey to regionalism. There seems to be a view in San Fran that Atlantic Canadians lack the sophistication to make it in the tech world. A point that was consistently disproven by the atlantic sales team time and again! Radian6 was a darling when I joined in 2010 and though the sale price doesn’t reflect it, it was a much more successful company than Buddymedia was. When we acquired Exact Target I knew we were at risk again and a few of us were waiting for the shoe to drop. I survived the first round of layoffs last November, but lost valued colleagues and mentors. It was a good run but now I am done too. Although I have been officially relieved of responsibilities, I did reach out to colleagues and customers today. They were waiting for info and assistance from me and I couldn’t leave them hanging (Maritimers are like that) like Jen pointed out in her tweet, talented and passionate. Salesforce is positioned to be successful and I wish them the best, I have also made some friends at the mothership, and hope they continue to enjoy success, feels strange that I won’t be assisting them. So I guess I’ll need to change my Twitter handle too :-). For the time being I’ll be out and about in my Boat! (Little Canadian humour there, and yes I spelled that right!)

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