40 Ways to Share a Blog Post

Sharing a link to your post isn’t enough to guarantee that it gets read. While 80 percent of readers will read your headline, only 20% will click through to the post itself. Give users a compelling reason to click your link. What can you do if simply tweeting and Facebook posting isn’t enough?

  1. Share with social buttons many blogs already have.ShareThis.png
  2. Design a unique image for your post.
  3. Use audio or a podcast with your post.
  4. Create an infographic with the data in your post.
  5. Record a video for YouTube.
  6. Share on your company Chatter platform.
  7. Share on Google+
  8. Share on Google+ Groups.
  9. Share on your LinkedIn Company Page.
  10. Share in your LinkedIn Groups.
  11. Share on your Facebook timeline.
  12. Share on your company Facebook page.
  13. Share it on Triberr.
  14. Create a related 6-second video and link via Vine.
  15. Create a graphic for Instagram.
  16. Create a video for Instagram.
  17. Auto-share with IFTTT.
  18. Make it easy to share with sharing buttons.
  19. Schedule tweets over a couple weeks.
  20. Tweet from your company account.
  21. Write a tweet for coworkers and have them share for you.
  22. @Mention people who would like the info (no spamming!)
  23. Use your link in comment on a related blog post.
  24. Answer a question on it via Quora.
  25. or Yahoo Answers.
  26. Pin your post to a Pinterest group board.
  27. Submit your link to Stumbleupon.
  28. Submit it to Reddit.
  29. Blog it on Tumblr.
  30. Create a Slideshare overview of your post.
  31. Email it.
  32. Link to it in an out-of-office message.
  33. Link to it in your email signature.
  34. Send it in an Instant Message.
  35. Use it in your Instant Message Status.
  36. Link to it in an email newsletter.
  37. SMS it.
  38. Call someone and tell them about it (yes, some people that prefer it that way) .
  39. Tell someone face to face.
  40. Digg, MySpace, Delicious, FriendFeed, Google Reader, and SecondLife it. (ok, not really).

What are your favorite ways to share a blog post? Please share in the comments.

Originally posted at https://communities.bmc.com/community/about/blog/2013/07/30/40-ways-to-share-a-blog-post


  1. I really try and read mostly all that I follow but most of my shares now come from Triberr, it has become my new blog reader As far as sharing no matter what the topic whether it is social, business of a photography post I will usually include an image within the post but never tried attaching an image too

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