Live Tweeting Tips and Best Practices

Live Tweeting is when a person tweets along with a live event. It was popular occurrence during the Presidential debates earlier this year, as well as during popular TV shows. It gives the tweeter an opportunity to establish a voice, communicate with other tweeters around an event and establish thought leadership and influence on the topic.

What is Live Tweeting?

From Twitter:

Live-tweet (v.): to engage on Twitter for a continuous period of time—anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours—with a sequence of focused Tweets. The focus can be a big live event that everybody’s paying attention to (e.g. a TV show or an award show) or it can be an event you create yourself (e.g. a Q&A session with your fans).

This season CBS had a huge push where season premiers or major shows were livetweeted by the stars. They would engage with fans. In the “How I Met Your Mother” episode, Ashley Williams, who plays Victoria, the cupcake girl, even tweeted a photo of her ankles. Why? Because the episode showed who the “mother” was (the main plot of the storyline), but only her ankles:

CBS Tweets 2.png

With live tweeting, fans are given unprecendented access to actors and networks can get a feel for fans’ opinions and reactions. The geek in me is even looking forward to choose your own adventure episodes based on tweets, but that may be a little further into the future.

In the business world, LiveTweeting might be used during a webinar, a seminar keynote, or anywhere else where your thoughts about a topic might be of interest to your followers.

How BMC Software Has used Live Tweeting:


For a recent BMC Control-M version 8 launch, we live tweeted the event for anyone not able to stream the video, or for anyone interested in our on the material presented. It helped Control-M reach new audiences, and engage with those watching our live stream.

We highlighted notable quotes, shared photos tweeted from inside the event, and were able to conduct a live Q&A with our on-stage panel from tweets generated as questions to our live tweets.

In the end, we were able to analyze the data and found that live tweeting our event increased our single-day posts and mentions to the highest point in three months – another reason why you should live tweet.

What are some LiveTweeting Best Practices?

1. Before an event, find official event #hashtag and research speakers’ @handles so you can contribute to the conversation more effectively. To avoid flooding your follower’s feeds, tweet important points only – you’re not a court reporter. You  don’t need to record everything that was said.

2. Only tweet about every 5 minutes. Twitter limits users to about 40 tweets/hour, so be sure you don’t lock your account and miss important points. Always remember to attribute quotes and thoughts.

3. Also, remember that you’re participating in a live conversation. Feel free to reply to other livetweeters and to any responses to your tweets.

Have you live-tweeted an event? What were your thoughts? Did you get engagement? Tell us in the comments below.

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