How I Got My Social Media Job… Using Social Media

DearLisaLate in 2011, I had applied for the first Social Media Director position at The University of Michigan. I never got called back, but several months later while searching to see if the position had been filled, I happened upon, another applicant’s custom designed website for the same position.

The Blog Post

I was so amazed, I contacted the applicant, Lindsay Blackwell, interviewed her and wrote this blog post: The Best Social Media Job Application EVER: How 22 Year-Old Lindsay Blackwell Applied for a $110K Job. It turns out that Lindsay didn’t get the job either, but she did get an amazing new job – but I digress.

A day later, I got these responses to the blog post on Twitter:

Rachel had read the blog post and wanted to know how to get the same type of enthusiasm for a Social Media opening that they had available. I applied for the position through LinkedIn on March 14, but was not contacted for an interview. I did, however, keep in contact with Rachel.

The YouTube Video

A few months later, they were looking to fill out the Social Media team with additional Social Media Managers. Rachel directed me to this tweet, where Joshua, the hiring manager, had posted a YouTube video to recruit for his opening. Great idea – introduce yourself, the company and give some flavor to the generally bland application process (the video has since been deleted, so the link wont work.)

We were able to speak that first weekend in June (who takes time away during the weekend to talk to a job applicant? An amazing boss, that’s who.) We had scheduled time to meet the next week on June 5, where I met with Joshua as the senior manager of content and creative, Joshua’s boss, the senior director of marketing programs, and the social media lead.

I Got The Job!

By the end of June, I had submitted writing samples for consideration, and in early July, had completed new hire paperwork. I submitted this creative writer’s resignation, complete with corporate marketing speak, along with my four-weeks notice (we were significantly understaffed in my last position.)

The first week of August, I started as the second social media manager at BMC Software, completing a process started with a blog post I had written nearly a half-year earlier.

Lessons Learned

Throughout the process, I learned a lot about the “professional courting process.” Here are some tips.

1. Blog – If I had never written the blog post, I may not ever have connected with Rachel. Not only does blogging get your thoughts out there, it’s a great way to network with people within your industry, or with similar interests.

2. Network – Connect with people that you meet both in person, as well as digitally. If I hadn’t kept up with Rachel, there’s no way she would’ve thought about me when the new social media openings were posted.

3. Be Patient – It took nearly a half-year from initially connecting, to hearing about the new position, interviewing, receiving the offer and starting to work.

Do you have any interesting stories or tips for social media job hunting? Share them in the comments below.


  1. Wow!!! That’s fantastic! Congratulations!! I’ve met great people through social media, some have become friends, but as a writer, every one is my friend!! It would be nice to be paid to blog though! Enjoy the rest of your day Eric!

  2. I was able to get my resume into the hands of an interviewer recently thanks to Twitter. I posted a contact request for the NGO that posted the job and was messaged that day. Don’t know if I’ll get the job but it’s nice to see social media work like that in my small city.

  3. My story is not as exciting, but I definitely found my way through both digital and IRL networking channels. I struck out at the first place I applied to, but they referred me to a fellow company that was hiring a similar position. Got that one and I haven’t looked back since.

  4. Has it been 2 year?! I love that you created this blog. 1) Because it has my name and face in it, and 2) it’s a reminder that I need to get off my ass and start blogging again. I forgot how much I liked it and how fun it was to stalk people (such as yourself). Perseverance paid off for you -and it will for others, so good for you for sharing the story. I wanted to note that I wasn’t the hiring manager, only highly invested in making sure we got the right person. You did a fine job my friend. And I thank you.

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