Top 5 @JasonBoies Memories… For His Birthday!

Two years ago, we had a top-10 list of 10 Easy Ways to wish @JasonBoies a Happy Birthday, followed by 10 More Ways to Wish @JasonBoies a Happy Birthday. This year, we have the top 5 @JasonBoies memories… enjoy!

“His movie reviews! His reviews of anything, I could read them all day!”
– Cory Hartlen, Radian6 2009-Oh wait, I guess he’s still there.

“I was just thinking about the time he and I went to see Reggie Watts and Sarah Silverman perform at SXSW. He was the best date!”
Amanda Nelson, Radian6 2012-2014

“Oh so many. I think my fav is the one South By…where I did the Vine video (landscape) of him dancing. That one comes to mind immediately.”
Heather-Anne MacLean, Radian6 2011-2013

“Every conversation with Jason is a joy! I can’t even think of one in particular right now tho! Perhaps pregnancy brain? He was always fun to talk to and could make everyone laugh in the worst situations!”
Melanie Thompson, Radian6 2010-2013

“I have a lot of great personal memories of Jason, but there’s one story I tell about him whenever I’m explaining to someone the concept of the brand journalist. When Jason got assigned to the healthcare vertical at Radian6 as a community manager, he didn’t know anything about it. But 90 days later he was named to a list of the 100 most influential healthcare people on Twitter, purely because of his dedication, hard work, smarts and natural friendliness.”

David B. Thomas, Radian6 2011-Oh, I guess he’s still there too.

So there you have it! The top memories with @JasonBoies.Have a good one my friend!

What are your favorite @JasonBoies memories? List them below!

Or, click here to tweet him a birthday message!

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