Thank you for your interest in working together. Here are some ways I may be helpful to your organization or business.

SpeakingSocial Media Strategy Consulting

Initiating social media at your organization can be a daunting task. Executives may not be familiar with what needs to be done and employees who engage in social media on a regular basis might not know its proper business applications. With our experience in social media marketing and education in business administration and marketing, we’re prepared to offer full-service strategy consulting including detailed network-by-network analysis and best practice examples from your competitors and peers. Get more info >

Social Media Engagement and Monitoring

A key piece effective social media strategy is listening for mentions of your company or your competitors’ within social media. Do you need to respond to a customer service issue before it balloons out of hand? Are mentions of your company online positive or negative, and how does that compare to 30 days ago? We’re able to help you answer these questions. Maybe you don’t have time to post to your Facebook or Twitter pages every day? We can take care of that for you too. Get more info >

Social Media Strategy BrainstormingKingwoodChamber

Sometimes, a company might have the know-how and manpower to continue social media marketing efforts, but they only need a spark to get going. We can help align your business goals with online marketing strategy so you get the most out of your social networking experience. We’ll build some best practice examples into a presentation and help facilitate a helpful discussion around how your organization can implement social media. Get more info >