#1 Most Influential Network in Social Media: Forbes

Top 5% Skill Rating in Social Media Marketing: Elance

20th Most Followed Person on Twitter in Houston: Twitaholic

Consulting Client Recommendations:

Eric Tung truly knows on-line advertising and social media, and he is on the cutting edge of the current trends in that field.”
– Barbara Garder, Candidate, Gardner for Justice

Eric is one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of working with—his receptiveness and contributions to ideas being thrown around are invaluable.”
– Shane Reid, IT Director, GWIT Publishing

Speaking Recommendations:

Eric is an outstanding presenter with the knowledge of a professor, the chops of an instructor, and the heart of a teacher. What’s more, he doesn’t just talk the talk. He has built a wonderful network of experts and sources that put him right at the leading edge of whatever is important now. It’s rare that one who is as connected and engaged with the shifting sands of communications is also as talented in guiding and coaching others, and that earns him my highest recommendation.
Ike Pigott, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Communications Strategist at Alabama Power

Eric has a potent mix of social media insight coupled with deep technical know-how. His command of existing and emerging tools is comforting for those trying to understand “all the moving pieces.” Beyond all this professionalism, Eric is a kind, inviting and supportive person with keen wit.”
– Missy Shorey, President, Shorey Public Relations

Eric is a great speaker and has vast knowledge of what’s relevant in social media topics. I would venture as far as to call him an expert in the field.
Tegan Snyder, Web Devloper and Designer, Nebraska Public Power District

Colleague Recommendations:

“It’s rare to find a social media strategist that has equal parts marketing savvy and business acumen.”
– Adam Runquist, Sr. Manager, Retention & Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Spark Energy

Eric’s social media knowledge is second to none
– David Mirza, Director-Digital & Alternate Sales Channels, Spark Energy

“Social media is a mystery to a lot of people, but Eric is not one of them. When he’s not researching best practices, he’s creating them. He’s far enough ahead of the curve that he’s even been asked by vendors to assist with product development when he leapfrogs the capabilities of their tools or tries to use them in ways vendors haven’t even thought of.”
Hal Werner, Copywriter, Spark Energy

“The online marketing industry is shot through with self-appointed ‘social media experts.’ Eric is the real deal.
Ryan Boots, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Spark Energy

“In what will be less than a year, Eric will have taken our company from #22 to #1 overall as measured by standard media metrics in a very competitive environment. This is without significant budget, without gimmicky promotions AND while managing our reputation through good times and bad with grace 24/7/365. It is physically impossible to do a better job than the one he does.
Jon Bowers, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, Spark Energy

Personal Recommendations:

“Many people that claim to “specialize in social media marketing” don’t have the practical business and marketing experience to back it up – Eric does, he’s literally been in the game since the beginning and knows the strategies and techniques that work.
Andrew Klein, Art Director, Fritz Industries

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