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Top 12 Things You’ve Wanted To Say To Your Noisy Rude Coworkers

Ever feel like telling off your rude co-workers, but didn’t quite have the words? Here they are. I can’t claim credit: it was written by my coworker Jon Bowers. Enjoy!

My Open-Office Workfest Manifesto*

1. My 3 year old understands what an inside voice is. He also poops himself, eats peanut butter bread off the floor and watches Cars 2 seventeen times a day. You don’t even have “inside voice” down. You went to College. Think about it.

2. Turn off your phone. You are not cool or an individual because you found a rare Kanye B-side. You are a loser with bad taste in music. Really bad. Seriously, Kanye? You’re like 55?!?!

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