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The Best Social Media Job Application EVER: Update

Lindsay’s story about the Best Social Media Job Application EVER keeps going! Last week, I replied to several people that had mentioned the original post from this blog:

I received a response from @radiotess who seemed interested in getting in touch with Lindsay, and I responded with Lindsay’s Twitter handle.

What I didn’t know at the time was that @radiotess is Tess Vigeland, the host of Marketplace Money by American Public Media which runs on many National Public Radio stations. It seems that they were able to get in touch, and this story ran last Friday (and I get a shout-out near the end!):

(Click for a pop-up audio player) or check out this link for the link to the transcript.

Seems that the #DearLisa campaign still continues to inspire new people!

What do you think about Lindsay’s campaign? Have you ever thought about going that far for in job application? Tell us in the comments below.

The Best Social Media Job Application EVER: How 22 Year-Old Lindsay Blackwell Applied for a $110K Job

The Story

Late last year, I saw an opening on LinkedIn for the first Social Media Director at the University of Michigan. As my wife was originally from Michigan, I submitted a 10-page application with a two-page resume, cover letter, professional biography, and a 30-60-90 day business plan. I even placed Facebook and Google ads aimed at Communications Department staff at The University, which my wife said was complete overkill. Only last week did I hear back that the position had been filled – I never got called for an interview, and I found out why: because I was up against the likes of Lindsay Blackwell.

Last month, I was searching to see if the position had been filled and came upon – a website conceived, developed, and designed by Lindsay Blackwell and directed solely at Lisa Rudgers, the Vice President for Global Communications and Strategic Initiatives at University of Michigan and I was stunned amazed floored.

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