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10 Questions To Ask Before You Commit To Multilingual Social Media

When is it time to adopt a second language for your social media channels?The question shouldn’t be answered lightly, as you’re undoubtedly familiar with the energy and time required to build your social community and the reputation and voice that you’ve developed.Here are 10 key questions to answer when considering a second language for social media.

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What’s the “Smash” in “Smashburger” mean?

SmashBurger_logoYou may have eaten at a Smashburger, or at least driven past one, but what puts the Smash in Smashburger? The great folks at Smashburger Houston invited me to the City Centre location to find out.

The first step is grabbing one of the fresh meat balls (not a single frozen patty to be seen), and smashing it into the grill with a smashermajiggy. I’m making the word up, but it’s probably called a mould or something. Either way, you smash it onto the grill for about 10 seconds. Continue reading

Why Companies Need Technology for Crowdsourcing Their Social Media Response

Guest post by Ashley Verrill.

I read a report recently that found 47 percent of people have used Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels for customer service. And these people aren’t just airing grievances. They actually expect a response. This presents a huge challenge for mega brands that receive thousands of mentions on any given week.

I’ve reviewed myriad technologies that enable companies to effectively filter out and respond to many of these mentions on social media. They use keyword identifiers to extract relevant messages and route them to a support rep or community manager to respond. While this does make the process more efficient, it can’t scale to meet the demand for some companies (without having to hire an army of responders). And what’s more, I would argue it’s more valuable in the marketing and building word-of-mouth context for people other than companies to get involved in these conversations.

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The Best Social Media Job Application EVER: Update

Lindsay’s story about the Best Social Media Job Application EVER keeps going! Last week, I replied to several people that had mentioned the original post from this blog:

I received a response from @radiotess who seemed interested in getting in touch with Lindsay, and I responded with Lindsay’s Twitter handle.

What I didn’t know at the time was that @radiotess is Tess Vigeland, the host of Marketplace Money by American Public Media which runs on many National Public Radio stations. It seems that they were able to get in touch, and this story ran last Friday (and I get a shout-out near the end!):

(Click for a pop-up audio player) or check out this link for the link to the transcript.

Seems that the #DearLisa campaign still continues to inspire new people!

What do you think about Lindsay’s campaign? Have you ever thought about going that far for in job application? Tell us in the comments below.