Welcome to Social Media, Centerpoint Energy

The Letter

Dear Centerpoint Energy,

Centerpoint Energy linemen working after Hurricane Ike, 2008

I recently wrote about how 4 utility companies used social media for crisis communication and showed how social media has proved an invaluable tool in each instance for communicating with customers in floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and severe thunderstorms. As you’re well aware, the Houston area has historically been an area for all of those natural disasters – with the exception of earthquakes.  As the utility company for Houston, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US, I’m very pleased that we’re able to be able to communicate on social media via mobile devices for our next Hurricane Ike.

I originally intended to write an open letter to question why Centerpoint Energy wasn’t active in Social Media, even after two years of seeing Centerpoint employees at social media gatherings and conferences around the Houston area. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Centerpoint has joined the ranks of utility companies on social media, and I personally welcome them to the space!


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How My Company Gained 40,000 Followers … Without Being Sleazeballs

Any social media network of value grows organically, not artificially. But just because you can’t force or buy growth doesn’t mean you can’t nurture it.

As the social media specialist at my last organization, we grew fans and followers from 400 to 40,000 in less than a year. You’ll see solid growth in your own fan and follower counts if you implement my 14 ideas for providing quality engagement and finding and engaging influencers.

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The Best Social Media Job Application EVER: How 22 Year-Old Lindsay Blackwell Applied for a $110K Job

The Story

Late last year, I saw an opening on LinkedIn for the first Social Media Director at the University of Michigan. As my wife was originally from Michigan, I submitted a 10-page application with a two-page resume, cover letter, professional biography, and a 30-60-90 day business plan. I even placed Facebook and Google ads aimed at Communications Department staff at The University, which my wife said was complete overkill. Only last week did I hear back that the position had been filled – I never got called for an interview, and I found out why: because I was up against the likes of Lindsay Blackwell.

Last month, I was searching to see if the position had been filled and came upon – a website conceived, developed, and designed by Lindsay Blackwell and directed solely at Lisa Rudgers, the Vice President for Global Communications and Strategic Initiatives at University of Michigan and I was stunned amazed floored.

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The ABC’s of Social Media

Everyone has their favorite ABC book. Why not have some fun with a list of ABCs for Social Media?

Without further ado, enjoy!

A is for Ad
, that drives traffic your way,

B is for Blog, which you should do every day.

C is for campaign, towards a marketing goal,

D is for Digg, to share links the world whole.

E is for Engage, without which you’re hollow.

F is for Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Friend, and for Follow.