Things To Do Your Last Week of Work

As some of you may know, my last day at Spark Energy will be on the 27th of January (*job posting here*). But this got me thinking… what kind of fun should I partake in on my last week here, under the general idea of, “what are they gonna do – fire me?”

Here are my initial thoughts:

  1. Join in random conversations that we’ve been overhearing all year because people are talking too loud.
  2. Get progressively more casual throughout the week, culminating in Friday Robe Day!
  3. Only participate in meetings entirely in Chinese, Iambic Pentameter, in Olde English, or Pictionary.

I’ll take your additional suggestions in the comments!

Top 12 Things You’ve Wanted To Say To Your Noisy Rude Coworkers

Ever feel like telling off your rude co-workers, but didn’t quite have the words? Here they are. I can’t claim credit: it was written by my coworker Jon Bowers. Enjoy!

My Open-Office Workfest Manifesto*

1. My 3 year old understands what an inside voice is. He also poops himself, eats peanut butter bread off the floor and watches Cars 2 seventeen times a day. You don’t even have “inside voice” down. You went to College. Think about it.

2. Turn off your phone. You are not cool or an individual because you found a rare Kanye B-side. You are a loser with bad taste in music. Really bad. Seriously, Kanye? You’re like 55?!?!

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